Danube River Delta – On the Way to Mila 23 – Travel Photography


Travel photography – Danube River Delta, Romania. Digital Photography Print, archival inks on photo luster paper, 19in x 13in (48cm x 33cm). All prints are hand-signed by the artist. Shipping: $25 in the US, $75 international. For large prints and alternative media (canvas, aluminum dibond, direct print on aluminum, ceramic, textile, etc.) call (310) 397-2592 or email to info@crisorfescu.com

Product Description

Travel Photography – Besides a unique habitat of canals, reed beds, lakes, and ponds, the Danube river delta provides a refuge for several globally threatened species. It is home to about 330 bird species, including 70% of the world’s white pelican population and 60% of the world’s pygmy cormorants. The Danube delta is home to a remarkable population of glossy ibis, spoonbill, egrets, herons, and white-tailed eagle. Most of the European freshwater fish species (around 70 species) exist in the Danube delta. Found here are 88 freshwater mollusks (18 endemics), 75 dragonfly species, 18 amphibian species, and 73 native freshwater and 9 brackish-water fish species. The Danube river delta holds huge numbers of globally threatened species with almost all the world wintering population present. It is the major remaining wetland on the flyway between Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle East and Africa. It is exceptional for its contiguity of wetland ecosystem and currently supports endangered flora and fauna. Otter and weasel are to be found on the floating islands. As Europe’s largest remaining natural wetland, the Danube River Delta is one of the continent’s most valuable habitats for wetland wildlife and biodiversity.

The Danube River Delta is still growing at a rate of 24 to 30 meters annually.