Quantum Tunneling – Artwok to Shield EMF/RF/EF Harmful Radiations from the Circuit Indoor Main Breaker – Functional Art


Functional Art – Direct print on aluminum, mounted and ready to hang. S&H and tax will be calculated depending on your location and added to the posted price of this  ARTshieldsEMFTM product. All artworks on this website could be direct printed on aluminum to SHIELD EMF (electromagnetic field), RF (radio frequency), and EF (electric field) harmful radiations and BEAUTIFY your wall by hiding the ugly main breaker box. Custom artwork/size prints up to 48 in x 72 in (123 cm x 183 cm) are available by request at info@crisorfescu.com. All prints are hand-signed by the artist. The first image bellow depicts the EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation measurement directly in front of the main breaker without shielding (33.6 mG or milligauss – HIGH level, harmful). The second image bellow depicts the EMF measurement in front of the artwork shielding the main breaker (6.1 mG or milligaus – NORMAL level). It is a 5.5 times or 82% reduction in the electromagnetic field by shielding the main breaker with an ARTshieldsEMFTM product. Also, there are significant reductions in harmful RF (radio frequency) and EF (electric field) radiations shown on the meter bellow. RF is reduced by 68% from 120 to 39 mW/m2 (milliwatts per square meter) and EF is reduced by 59% from 71 to 29 V/m (Volts per meter).

EMF-measurement-on-Circuit-Indoor-Main-Breaker-without-shielding  EMF-measurement-on-Circuit-Indoor-Main-Breaker-with-shielding

Product Description

Functional Art – Fine Art Print (giclee print), 2010, direct print on aluminum to SHIELD the EMF (electromagnetic field), RF (radio frequency), and EF (electric field) harmful radiations, 60cm x 90cm (24in x 36in). Artwork description: nanosculpture (sculpture at molecular or/and atomic scale) created by mixing two different polymers. The sculpture was coated with Gold and visualized with a scanning electron microscope. The image was captured in a computer, digitally painted, and manipulated. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for shipping.

Additional Information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.0 × 36.0 in